The LWVF 2016 Legislative Priorities:

1. Election Law:
a. Oppose any efforts that might be made to limit convenient voter registration or to limit
access to the polls by limiting early voting locations, days or hours.
b. Support pre-paid absentee ballot returns to the Supervisors of Election and oppose any
infringement or restrictions on the absentee ballot process.

2. Education:
a. Oppose efforts to expand corporate tax credit scholarships. We continue to believe
they are an inappropriate and unconstitutional program, funding private and religious
schools with no proven benefit to students.
b. Require greater fiscal management and accountability of charter school contracts, with
oversight by local school boards.
c. Address proposals to change the statewide assessment program to assure that a
national assessment instrument is used, with such assessments applicable to every
Florida student educated with public funds and reported at appropriate intervals
related to children’s educational cognitive development.

3. Health Care:
a. Expand health care access and coverage for low-income, uninsured and underinsured
b. Accept federal funding to expand health care access and coverage and offset the costs
of uncompensated care to hospitals and providers.
c. Restore full funding for critical health care programs and services that were negatively
impacted by the 2015 state budget, i.e. KidCare, free clinics, emergency transport,
substance abuse treatment, etc.

4. Gun Safety:
a. Oppose Bills (HB 4001/SB 68) that would make it legal for those with concealed
weapons permits to carry firearms on all Florida public college and university
b. Oppose Bills (HB 19/SB 180) that would allow Florida School Boards and
Superintendents to designate employees to carry concealed firearms, for security
purposes, on school grounds at K–12 schools.
c. Oppose Bills (HB 41/SB 130) that would purport to regulate the recreational discharge
of firearms in residential areas. It is already illegal to discharge recklessly a firearm on
any residential lot, and such Bills would create exceptions to that.

5. Land and Water:
a. Properly implement Amendment 1 – restore funding to Florida Forever and exclude
existing agency operating expenses.
b. Pass comprehensive water quality and quantity Bills that concentrate on cleaning-up
pollution at the sources and conserving our aquifer with no net additional
c. Pass Bills that ban fracking in the state of Florida.

Click here for our Legislative Priorities handout.

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