The League believes an informed and active citizenry is a state’s best hope for better government. With marked growth in membership and a vast expansion in the diversity of our membership in the past few years, the League has led the charge on several key issues.


League's work vastly reduces gerrymandering in Florida.

League’s work vastly reduces gerrymandering in Florida.

  • Led the charge on the passage of two redistricting amendments to the Florida Constitution that have substantially reduced gerrymandering in Florida. The League continues the battle in the courts, to ensure that Amendment 5  and Amendment 6, passed by 63% of voters, are followed by the Legislature.
  •  Pushed for a Election Reform Bill in 2012 following the passage of a vast voter suppression bill. Launched a successful legal challenge to this bill, winning in court and eliminating fines and many other unnecessary restrictions and advocated successfully in the Legislature for the restoration of two weeks of early voting and the Sunday before election day.
  • Helped pass Amendment 1, the “Land and Legacy Amendment” now placed in the Florida Constitution. Gathered 25,000 citizen petitions  to help put this amendment on the ballot and advocated and educated around Florida to secure approval of this amendment by nearly 75% of voters in 2014.
  • Led the charge to block Amendment 3 in 2014, (placed there by the Legislature), giving an outgoing Governor the proscriptive right to appoint future Supreme Court Justices. The League was the only group to formally oppose this amendment.
  • Secured the failure of TABOR constitutional amendment called Amendment 3 in 2012, an idea that has been placed before voters in 26 other states. This “Taxpayer Bill of Rights”, which has been a failure in Colorado, was given the ‘boot’ by Florida voters.
  • Successfully launched the “Just Say No” campaign in 2012, opposing all of the 11 Constitutional Amendments placed on the ballot by the Legislature. Using radio, editorials, letters to the editor and other tools, the League was the lead on this campaign, and 8 of the 11 amendments failed including ones that would have eliminated the separation of church and state in the Florida Constitution, tipped the balance of the judiciary, and substantively limited women’s rights for control over their own medical needs.
  • Led the citizens campaign for SunRail, a regional commuter rail transportation system, which finally passed and has been operation for one year.
  • Stopped the effort for a bill to lift the ban on concealed weapons on college campuses in 2015 session.
  • Stopped the passage of an alimony bill twice, that would have applied retroactively, one year, and in both years, resulted in greater hardship for Florida’s women and children.
  • Advocated and saw passage of Online Voting Registration, enabling Florida to join 24 other states to offer more accessible, accurate and cost effective application to register to vote.
  • Successfully advocated against “Project Integrity”, the secretary of state’s effort to use inappropriate tools to purge Florida’s database of voters.
  • Initiated “Sisters Across the Straits” travel program, approved by the State Department, allowing our members to travel and meet directly with the Cuban people for educational exchange. Completed 23 trips since inception in 2011 as of August 2015.


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