“Thank you for letting us know….our absentee ballots HAD in fact expired and we wouldn’t have known.  Registration is valid for only four years now as it turns out.  Thank you so much…we would really like donate to you but are both disabled and are extraordinarily financially embarrassed as a result and sometimes cannot feed ourselves properly.  But…WE VOTE.”

Roger H.

Citizen and Voter

“I was about to retire after 50 years as a journalist. A friend asked me what I would do with the rest of my life. I shrugged. ‘I have an idea,’ she said, ‘join the League of Women Voters.’ I did and I haven’t had a dull moment since. What being a League member means to me: stimulating conversation, challenging tasks, meeting interesting people, doing things I never dreamed of like speaking at public meetings, making friends I know will last a lifetime, waking in the morning knowing that the day will be that much richer because I’m part of the League.”

Ann Hellmuth

Former President, League of Women Voters of Orange County

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your participation in the candidates forum this morning. As someone that is interested in the sometimes circus that is Florida politics I knew I would enjoy myself. What I didn’t expect was how very much the dozen teenagers (Colonial High School students) that I brought with me would enjoy it. After the event we went to lunch and they all had wonderful, thoughtful insights from what they had heard. Interestingly, it wasn’t just the FCAT/education stuff that they had opinions about, they also learned an awful lot about healthcare issues and about politicians in general. Perhaps the next generation will be more involved. Thank you again for your participation in this community event.”

Jennifer Cooper-Perkinson

Social Studies Teacher, Colonial High School

“I have been a League member for four years in Orange County. It has been a totally enriching experience. The method and the message resonate. The annual trip to Tallahassee for Legislative Seminar teaches me how to advocate for meaningful change. The League’s Voter Service initiatives plug me into the meat and potatoes of what, for me, defines the League. It has been my pleasure to chair our local Adopt-A-Precinct program. It is inspiring to be involved in democracy in action.”

Laurie Boone Wack

Board Member, League of Women Voters of Orange County

“The League connects me with current issues and with building a stronger, better Florida for all. Working with the dynamic members of the League continually shows me the power of the League, as we are able to be a force for democracy and fairness. League members balance information, sort out facts and fiction, and act with reason and passion. This is the place to be.”

Nancy Rudner Lugo

Member, League of Women Voters of Orange County

“I would like to thank you for creating such an informative and non biased site for information on the coming election. I am using your voter guide with my students to help them understand the constitutional amendments many of them will be voting on in a month”

Reginald Good

Social Studies Teacher, Keystone Heights High School

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