August 7—

Does carrying a gun make you safer? No. In fact, right-to-carry laws increase violent crime.

Does it make other people safer?
Millions of Americans who pack heat think so, and 33 states with “right to carry” laws permit them to tote a gun.
Men and GunsBut a long-range study released by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that these states would have had less violent crime had they restricted gun-carrying. John J. Donohue, a Stanford law professor and economist, is a lead author of the analysis, which used more than 30 years of crime statistics and a novel algorithm: Researchers identified states whose crime rates paralleled those of states like Texas before it passed a “right to carry” law, and came up with models — called synthetic states — to look at before-and-after violent crime in right-to-carry states and non-right-to-carry “synthetic” states.
It’s comparing apples and virtual apples, and Donohue – who’s also an expert witness in a right-to-carry lawsuit against the state of California — concluded that gun-toting indeed makes a difference in violent crime: it can increase it, by as much as 15%.

Click here to listen to Professor Donohue explain the statistics to the LATimes.

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