Clean Water Rally in Tally

Florida water

On February 18, League members in concert with the Floridians’ Clean Water Declaration and Amendment 1 activists will join forces for a “Floridians for Clean Water & Amendment 1 Rally” on the front steps of the historic Old Capitol in


Testimonial “Thank you for letting us know….our absentee ballots HAD in fact expired and we wouldn’t have known.  Registration is valid for only four years now as it turns out.  Thank you so much…we would really like donate to you

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Become a League member today! The League of Women Voters of Florida is busy and, most importantly, effective. Help us continue supporting issues like land and water conservation, free and open access to the polls, equitable tax policy and the continuing

League Opposes Drilling Within 10 Miles of Florida Coastline

Florida Oil Spil

LWV Florida created this PSA to help reinforce the importance of keeping our fabulous Florida coastline clean and pristine. We oppose any drilling closer than 10 miles from our shore and also oppose fracking our limestone karst and the detrimental

Doris Berg, A Longtime League Volunteer

Longtime area volunteer Doris Berg passes away Northwest Florida Daily News December 3, 2012 Doris Berg died knowing she made an impact in her community. The 87-year-old Poquito Bayou woman passed away Nov. 29 in her home, but her memory

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