June 2—   Florida is ALREADY suffering from climate change.


The smart move is to stick with the climate accord.
But we, as individuals, must take action to reduce carbon emissions

Floridians can still take steps on their own to combat climate change. Here’s how you can reduce your carbon footprint and make an example for others:
  1. Commit to Solar – Volunteer with the League’s FLSUN.org program to make Florida #1 in solar. Install rooftop solar on your home or business. Sign up for local solar programs offered by your utility.
  2. Next Car Pledge – Make a pledge to ensure the next car you buy is a hybrid or electric. Reduce your transportation pollution by purchasing fuel-efficient cars, carpooling, and biking or walking to your destination. Ride sharing apps even offer an option to share rides and save both money and emissions.
  3. Grow Bird and Butterfly-Friendly Plants at Home  Native plants can reduce hefty irrigation bills and reduce your water and energy consumption. Check out Audubon’s Native Plant Database to learn more about native plants for your area. Get rid of your LAWN, a four letter word in Florida, where 50% of our water goes to irrigation.
  4. Reduce Home Energy Use – Install LED energy-efficient lightbulbs. Check your house for leaks. Ask your utility company for a free energy audit.
  5. Volunteer –  Join your local League’s Natural Resources/Solar Committee and lobby your county and cities to make renewable energy targets and pass laws that preserve clean water and greenspace.

Together we will mount a grassroots campaign.
We will not give up until we have moved America forward to 100% clean energy and energy independence.
Thank you!
Pamela S. Goodman, LWVFL President
Deirdre Macnab and
Marty Sullivan, Co-chairs, LWVFL Natural Resources

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