Feb. 24—

HJR321 and SJR866 are a blatant attempt to put lipstick on a pig in the name of protecting our sacred constitution.


These resolutions clearly squelch the voice of the people and make the one process citizens have as a last resort, after legislators refuse to listen to their constituents, to put issues before the public for a vote and to pass into law. To listen to yesterday’s debate one would think that citizens are running amok with all sorts of crazy ideas for our constitution.

Fact: The legislature has put over 300 ballot measures before voters ranging from tax exemptions to obvious lobbyist interests. Some good, some bad.

Citizens? Thirty-six, most recently Fair Districts, Funding for Florida Land and Water and Class Size Restrictions. 

And the notion that it is too easy to change the constitution? It sure is if you are a legislator.

But as a citizen? How about this:

In a two year time frame, individuals must work with legal counsel to write a single subject amendment.

Get 65,000 signatures on a petition.

Get it before the Supreme Court for validation.

THEN begin the real work of collecting over 766,000 signatures.

Pay local Supervisor of Elections to verify that all signatures are legitimate voters.

And THEN run a statewide campaign to educate voters on what the amendment will really do.

Pocket change? Easy?

How about millions and almost impossible.

The numbers speak for themselves. And we do this as a LAST RESORT, when legislators fail to listen to us.

If these resolutions move, rest assured that people will be informed.

When Rep. Ingoglia states that “The people’s will is electing representatives to come up here to represent them…”, he got it a bit wrong. The people elect representatives as public servants to express THEIR will. Listening is a big part of the job.

Remind YOUR Representatives that it is our will to have a voice.

Tell them to VOTE NO on HJR321 and SJR866

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