Election Reform

Election Reform House Bill 1355 was an omnibus elections bill that contained numerous changes to Florida elections laws. It was passed by the Legislature during the 2011 legislative session and was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. The provisions

Ethics & Campaign Finance

Ethics & Campaign Finance   The League of Women Voters of Florida supports measures to protect, extend and encourage the use of the franchise and to improve methods of financing political campaigns in order to ensure the public’s right to

Health Care

HEALTH CARE The League of Women Voters of Florida supports the promotion of a health care system that provides access to a basic level of quality care for all Florida residents and controls health care costs. Click here to see


Education The League of Women Voters of Florida Supports a Free Public School System for Florida The League strives for a system with high standards for student achievement and with equality of educational opportunity, and will strive for a system

Natural Resources

Click here to tell the Legislature what to do with Amendment 1 dollars.

Natural Resources and the Environment What can you do? Get involved and up to date on League’s ACTION on Natural Resources! The League of Women Voters of Florida supports state legislation for energy conservation and greater use of renewable sources

Gun Safety

The Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence was formed in the wake of the June 12th massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Over 100 organizations have come together to advocate for meaningful gun law reform. The group’s mission is to reduce

SOLAR- Affordable Energy

Support Solar

SOLAR- Affordable Energy Initiative     Please download and share this flyer. No on 1 ToolKit (yard signs, palm cards, etc.) Click here to pledge to support solar in Florida! Amendment One is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!   League

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