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Open Primary Study

LWVFL Open Primary Study Kit is completed and has been sent out to League Presidents and members of the ad hoc Open Primary Study Team across the state.

After 22 months, the Open Primary Study is completed and consensus meetings will be held across the state soon. If you are interested in knowing what’s it all about, read attached PDF.

Download the PDF of the Open Primary Study Kit here.


Voting Rights Act

FEDERAL ACTION ALERT: The League of Women Voters continues to work in coalition with national partners to analyze the recent Supreme Court ruling which gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA). Charting a path to restoring the VRA to full effectiveness will involve work at both the federal and state level. We are looking at a variety of solutions with an eye to insuring that any action we take is effective and politically viable. But while we continue to explore specific solutions, there is important work to do now to build support for repairing the VRA and to block anti-voter initiatives in the states.

Hearings were held in Congress on the VRA. The League has called on them to move swiftly to restore the VRA. Please consider using this template Letter to the Editor to call on Congress to respond to the Court’s devastating decision and restore the VRA. As you submit the letter to newspapers in your state, consider partnering with another organization in your community or possibly a Member of Congress if that might help get the letter published.


DONATE TODAY to the League of Women Voters of Florida Advocacy Fund to help us continue our fight for voting rights in the Sunshine State.

Visit our Speakers Bureau page to view the League’s current presentation on Election Reform in Florida.

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