2017 Legislative Session Interview Questions

Being a member of the League means meeting with your legislators to discuss issues that are important to us as an organization. Below are questions we will ask legislators with regards to the upcoming 2017 Session. You can also click here for a sheet with room for notes.


  1. What legislation would you support to end the self-dealing and fiscal mismanagement we have observed in some charter schools around the state?
  1. School choice increases alternatives, but has done little to raise overall educational achievement for Florida students. Would you support increased funding for innovation and flexibility, such as increasing the school day, summer schools and other student support options?

Election law

  1. Would you support a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to former non-violent and non-sexual felony offenders who have completed all sentences and conditions of supervision such as parole, fines and restitution?
  1. Do you foresee any proposed legislation this session regarding voter registration dates, the “motor voter” law, early voting, prepaid mail-in ballots or similar voting issues? If so, do you presently have any positions on such?

Gun Safety

  1. We hear that legislation will be introduced again this year permitting what are known as “open carry” and “campus carry” and permitting certain k-12 school employees to carry concealed firearms for security purposes. A USF-Nielson Sunshine State survey shows that 7 of every 10 Floridians oppose “campus carry”.  In addition, a majority of NRA members support reasonable gun safety laws.  Given that, would you support or oppose such bills?  If you support such bills, please explain why.
  1. Would you support proposals to expand background checks before firearms may be sold, closing the gun show and internet sales loopholes? If not, please explain why.
  1. The shooter in the pulse nightclub shooting used a semiautomatic assault rifle. Also, research from the Violence Policy Center has shown that, in 2014, 1 in every 5 law enforcement officers slain in the line-of-duty was killed with an assault weapon.  Bearing these facts in mind, would you support a ban on semiautomatic weapons and large capacity magazines?  If not, please explain why.

Health care

  1. Understanding that the affordable care act (“Obama care”) is expected to be significantly modified or repealed, how do you propose that Florida deal with the escalating uncompensated costs of providing health insurance to working Floridians who do not have enough assets or income to afford such insurance?
  2. Would you support an amendment to Florida’s public health law that would permit a physician, without delaying at least 24 hours, to terminate a woman’s pregnancy, with her voluntary and informed written consent?

Natural Resources

  1. Experts say Florida should be number one on the east coast for solar, and with 72% of voters passing amendment 4, voters have shown strong support in how they can harness the sun. What ideas do you have to help Floridians harness the sun and keep billions of energy dollars in-state, instead of sending them out-of-state for natural gas and coal?
  1. With geology akin to a wet sponge and fragile underground aquifers that supply almost all of its drinking water, almost 80 Florida municipalities or counties have passed fracking bans, worried about their water supplies due to concerns about impacts to water quality, carcinogens and climate change. Would you support the banning of all fracking in Florida?  Will you respect the local government fracking bans in the coming session?

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