SOLAR- Affordable Energy Initiative


League Launches New Affordable Energy Initiative.

Can Florida really call itself the “Sunshine State” with 21 million residents but only 12,000 roofs under solar panels? 

Utilities’ lock on power has resulted in an anemic growth of renewable energy of just roughly one-tenth of one percent.

We aim to take Florida to Number One in solar installations.


This year the League has teamed up with Community Power Network to form a new entity called FL SUN, Florida Solar United Neighborhoods.

This new cooperative approach will use best practices that are currently working in five other states, designed to help everyday citizens get far more affordable prices for solar energy while educating citizens about the potential to reduce utility bills.

Experts are convinced that Florida has the potential to be among the top three solar-producing states in the nation.

As citizens learn to harness the sun and visionary local public leaders realize its potential, watch for Florida’s solar energy capability to grow exponentially in the year ahead.

Solar Co-OpJOIN our state Natural Resources Action Group, and help educate and inform citizens in your local area about how they can cut their electricity bills and harness the power of the sun starting now. For more information on starting your own neighborhood cooperativeor or to volunteer to help our action group EMAIL US.




IMPORTANT, don’t be fooledHomeowner Associations (HOAs), by law, may not limit citizens from putting on rooftop solar collectors. Read the Florida Home Owners Solar Rights Act here.


Visit FLSUN.ORG to learn about Florida Solar United Neighborhoods and what they are doing to expand access to solar energy!

What is FL SUN? What is a Co-op, and how does it work?


League Solar Tool Kit

FLSUN Introduction
What Local Governments Can do to Connect their Citizens to Affordable Clean Renewable Energy!

Click here for Local League Letter of Commitment.
Interested Leagues should complete and return the form to LWVFL State League office.

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