LWVF is currently active in three main areas of Florida’s education policy:


1.  School choice – The League has completed a statewide study on school choice. See the consensus statements here. Advocacy has been centered on requiring greater accountability and transparency in financial management and reporting.  The league has also been tracking the relationship between not for profit as required by statute and for profit management companies.  This topic will continue to require monitoring and advocacy.

2.  School vouchers – The league opposes school vouchers in any form, based on LWVUS position.  Florida Corporate Tax Credit scholarships have undergone some greater oversight as a result of legislation from the 2014 session.  We will watch for the results of audits and restrictions on political campaign contributions.

The LWVF has joined the law suit challenging the constitutionality of the FTC scholarships as plaintiff with partners from the Florida Educators Assoc., the Florida School Boards Assoc. and the Florida Superintendents Assoc.  The case, entitled McCall vs. Scott, and the filing may be viewed here. Updates will be posted as the case progresses.

3.  Common Core/ Testing – The LWVF has supported revised assessment standards that allow for comparison among states, districts and across the nation relying on the LWVUS study regarding the role of the federal government in public education.  In Florida Common Core has been revised as the Florida Standards.  The state contracted with a testing firm that also administers the test in Utah.  We support achievement testing and reporting the outcomes; however, the LWVF also recognizes that the transition from FCAT to the FSA (the new test) will require time for educators and students to successfully master the material.  We will continue to monitor this process with full support for making the transition and allowing time to make it successfully.

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