Jan. 11—

LWVUS Officially Participates in Women’s March

Dear Members,
Urgent breaking news!!!! I received the following from Chris Carson, our LWVUS president. We will pass more information along as soon as we receive it. 
In League,
Pam Goodman
* * * * *
“The LWVUS Board of Directors met Tuesday afternoon to reconsider whether the League should officially participate in the planned Women’s March on Washington, January 21, 2017.  Since the last discussion more than a month ago, many of our initial concerns about the march have been addressed. Event organizers have obtained the official permits for an event of this size and have shaped the march as an inclusive and diverse event. For these reasons, the board voted unanimously for the League to participate officially in the DC March.
The board decision also pertains to state and local leagues interested in participating in sister marches. The board strongly recommends that any state or local League check their liability with the organizers of the local marches to make sure your League is covered.
Women's MarchFor League members who were planning to travel to Washington for the event, this means we will coordinate a meeting location in DC and look to march as one unit with signs and buttons. 


{Added Jan. 16:  If you are marching with the League in Washington, D.C., please meet us at theMcDonalds located at the corner of C Street Southwest and 4thStreet Southwest at 9:15am on Saturday, January 21.The D.C. March starts at 10 am ET at the intersection of 3rd Street and Independence Avenue SW. Our meeting location is 2 blocks from the official march start point and will likely be a meeting point for other organizations.

Organizers are expecting over 100,000 people so please give yourself enough time and stay together as a group.}

We are excited to participate in this historic day, which will bring Americans together in the spirit of democracy.”

Please join us in our work by becoming a League member today.

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