Tools for Local Leaders

Tools for Local Leaders   REQUIRED FINANCIAL REPORTS   Letter regarding required paperwork for local Leagues State: Annual Report The state of Florida requires all corporations to file an Annual Report by May 1 of each year. This does not require

Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau   League members willing to volunteer in our statewide Speakers Bureau are in great demand. Using skills perfected in their professional lives or attained through experience and LWVF training, speakers are provided with material and presentation guidelines. LWVF Speakers

Register Voters

Join a Voter Registration Drive with LWVFL   Complete List of Certified LWVFL Voter Registration Volunteers Here is a list of League-certified volunteers for voter registration— (members who have scored 100%)— updated since January 1, 2017. Certification lasts two years. If you are

Harry T. Burn Society

The League of Women Voters of Florida HARRY T. BURN SOCIETY   Transforming Florida’s Future Through Giving The youngest member of the 1920 state legislature in Tennessee, Harry T. Burn ensured the ratification of the 19th Amendment, “Women’s Right To Vote” with

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