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The youngest member of the 1920 state legislature in Tennessee, Harry T. Burn ensured the ratification of the 19th Amendment, “Women’s Right To Vote” with an unanticipated “aye” vote, breaking the tie in the Tennessee House of Representative on the issue of women’s suffrage.

Thirty-five other states approved the amendment for ratification into the US Constitution and only one more state was needed to approve the amendment to make a “Perfect 36.”

Phoebe Ensminger Burn, a strong supporter of the suffragist cause and Harry’s mother, wrote to her son and urged him to support the amendment. Taking her appeal to heart, Burns placed her letter into his coat’s breast pocket and carried it with him into the chamber. Thinking of his mother while casting his final vote, Harry T. Burns finally changed the landscape of the US democratic process forever.


Harry T. Burn.

By contributing $1,000 or more per year, Harry T. Burn Society members ensure that the League is better endowed as is constantly  strives to fulfill its numerous priorities.


Your gift can be made all at one time, or it can be broken up over the course of the year. Additionally, you can maximize the impact of your gift by directing it to either the tax-deductible Education Fund or the non-tax-deductible Advocacy Fund, or splitting it between the two.

Finally, you can choose to share a portion of your gift with your local League, thereby contributing to progress at both the state and local levels.

In appreciation for your support of the League’s work in Florida, Harry T. Burn Society members receive:

  • Early registration for invitation-only League trips
  • Honorary Host Committee Membership & tickets for League Galas throughout the state
  • Recognition in The Florida Voter newsletter
  • Personalized Harry T. Burn Society Name Tag
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