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Speakers BureauLeague members willing to volunteer in our statewide Speakers Bureau are in great demand. Using skills perfected in their professional lives or attained through experience and LWVF training, speakers are provided with material and presentation guidelines.

LWVF Speakers Bureau members have presented at hundreds of engagements with organizations including Tiger Bay Clubs, local colleges and universities, Chambers of Commerce, Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary Clubs, and numerous community and residential groups. With audiences of 20 to 200 or more, our nonpartisan speakers educate citizens on state and local issues, including ballot amendments, legislative session updates, health care, gun laws, environmental and water issues, redistricting, elections law, and local government topics of interest.

Currently, the League has materials available and presenters prepared to speak on a variety of timely topics. If you know an organization that could benefit from one of our speaking engagements OR if you are a League member who would like to volunteer for the Speakers Bureau, please contact us.

Public Speaking Tips

Learn how to become a comfortable, credible speaker on  League issues. Here is a brief list of helpful hints for Speakers Bureau success!


Presentation Materials

Below are links to the PowerPoint presentations and supporting materials available for current Speakers Bureau projects. Presentation materials are provided to the public as PDF files. Speakers Bureau members may refer audience members to these materials for review.

If you are a Speakers Bureau member and would like to access original files for a presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint files, Word files, video files, etc.), please contact us. Speaker Bureau members are regularly sent updated versions of presentation materials in original file formats. Recordings of webinar trainings on the presentations are also available for Speakers Bureau members.

Questions about the below materials? Please call the state office at: (850) 224-2545.

Engaging Young Voters (Updated 5/1/17)

Your Florida State Government (Updated 5/1/17)

PowerPoint presented at 2016 Council:

Click here to download the Speakers Bureau PowerPoint presented by Patti Brigham at the 2016 Council of Leaders!

The 2017-2018 Constitutional Revision Commission

Too Important to Miss: The 2017-2018 Constitutional Revision Commission

Video Presentation by Dr. Carol Weissert, Director of the LeRoy Collins Institute

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