Our Positions and Advocacy


In 1920, The League of Women Voters made a choice: The League would neither support nor oppose any political party or candidate for public office. This decision continues today to ensure that the League’s voice is heard above the tumult of party politics. This nonpartisan policy has added strength to the League’s positions on issues and has made wide acceptance of League voter service and other educational activities possible.

At the same time, the League is a political organization and encourages members to participate fully in the political party of their choice. It is an advantage to the League to have politically active members. For its active members, it can be a personally satisfying experience.

Please click here to view the LWVF Nonpartisan Policy.

If you would like to read up on the League’s positions, click here to view the 2015-2017 edition of Study & Action, the League of Women Voters of Florida’s guide to public policy positions.


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