Retrace history in Seneca Falls with LWVF this Autumn, October 21-25, 2015.

 The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women’s rights convention. 

See the legacy of women’s suffrage in Seneca Falls!
Join us for an enthralling and all encompassing trip. We begin with a dinner at the U. Rochester which houses some of the seminal papers of the suffragist movement. We will travel back in time through a lecture given by a U. Rochester women’s studies professor who will enlighten us with little known facts about the brave and brilliant women who forged ahead to gain us the right to vote.
On Day two we will tour some of the homes and burial places of people like Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglass. Our evening will wrap up with a night of the visual and musical arts at the well appointed Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester. We will start the evening with a tour of the preeminent pieces in the gallery, including review of the work of one the leading African-American painters, Jacob Lawrence, and then enjoy our dinner and wine and or beer while we receive an art lesson in drawing from our tour guide, Cecile Scoon, who has a degree in studio art and design (Visual and Environmental Studies) from Harvard University. The night will end with the group enjoying a live performance of Baroque Italian chamber music in the outside gallery.
The next day we will tour the Harriet Tubman House and try to imagine how this heroine left her home over 100 times risking life and limb to obtain the freedom of others when she could have just stayed home and enjoyed her relative safety and freedom from oppression. We plan to meet and hear from a LWV member who is a descendant of Ms. Tubman. Maybe contemplation of  Ms Tubman’s strength and social consciousness will inspire us and provide us the courage to address the social and personal struggles that we face in our own lives and communities.
Lest we become too serious, we will enliven our spirits with a journey to the wine country of the Finger Lakes region, viewing the colorful change of leaves, and enjoy a tour and wine tasting before we travel to Seneca Falls where we will spend the night.
In Seneca Falls we will have the thrill of visiting the
Womens’ Rights National Historical Park, Elizabeth Cady Stanton House and National Women’s Hall of Fame. We will be given a special tour by the director of the park and we will learn about great plans to renovate and expand the museum and park. At dinner we will have so much to discuss and review as this exciting tour will be almost over. Please sign up early and save your spot as seats at the Baroque Italian music performance must be reserved and seating is limited.


The price of this rich, historical experience is only  $1,625. This pricing includes four nights of hotel stays and breakfasts, four days of transportation via shuttle, multiple meals, and entrance to over ten different museums, galleries, and historic sites. Remember to sign up quickly, as space is limited for this one-of-a-kind trip.

Register For Seneca Falls NOW!

For additional information, please contact 
Adrian Chamberlin, Events Coordinator, at:
(850) 224-2545
League of Women Voters of Florida | (850) 224-2545  
540 Beverly Court
Tallahassee, FL 32301-7530
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